Tobacco & Bayleaf

Oh what a glorious day! This is our last day of our massive pouring operation until the Farmers Market beginning April 24. 
Today we pour Tobacco & Bayleaf. Again, one of my favorites. But then they wouldn’t be our fragrances if we didn’t like them, right?
This one has been compared to a summer’s night, to a humidor, to a clean man cave. Doesn’t smell like burning tobacco at all-I used to smoke and hate the smell now.

This is a favorite for both of us. It’s a fresh mix of bay leaf, fir needle, cedarwood, bergamot and tobacco. Very refreshing!
Now it’s on to packaging up the tea lights in sets of four, and making all the room sprays. The room sprays are in the same scents as our candles. 

Olathe Farmers Marker, beginning Saturday April 24 & then every Saturday through October!

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