Fragrance changes!

So it’s the end of February and it’s time for FRAGRANCE CHANGES! There’s a flurry of activity in the Devotee workshop right now! Haven’t seen a robin yet but here at the candle shop, we’re already smelling spring.
The beautiful flowers of spring. Eating a juicy orange in the warm summer breeze. Applying sunscreen and being transported to the beach by the smell. Ahhh, we love it all. 
We’re testing a citrus and a Spearmint Eucalyptus that sound yummy! We’ve also got a Clean Linen or Clean Cotton that smell lovely. Add in some Fresh Mango and Honeysuckle Jasmine and I’ve almost got my fragrance line ready to pour! 
We’re also creating a line of room sprays that we’re very excited about. They will have the same fragrances as our candles. Get ready to come see us at our booth at the Olathe, Kansas Farmers Market at Black Bob Park starting April 24th! We’ll have all kinds of goodies for the nose and for the eye!

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